There are many ways and methods to learn a foreign language.
As far as I am concerned I tried to learn Norwegian and encountered many difficulties mainly those related to pronunciation and grammar. So I decided to acquire as much vocabulary as possible and try later on to synchronise that with grammatical rules. For this purpose I opted to use translation of so common, familiar and thematic phrases and sentences, from Norwegian to English and vice versa and I hope this can helps to learn Norwegian language. This could be helpful to many who learn Norwegian because there are some who can master grammar but lacking vocabularies and expressions.
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Vanlige uttrykk

besøke, gå til = se til

utelukke, ikke regne med = se bort fra

lære om noe = sette seg inn i

begynne med noe = sette i gang med

registrere, se hvordan noe er = legge merke til

prate mye om noe = legge ut om

være sengeliggende = ligge til sengs

ikke få sove = ligge våken

forsøke å følge et ideal = leve opp til

finne seg i = leve med
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