How To Learn Norwegian

There are many ways and methods to learn a foreign language. As far as I am concerned I tried to learn Norwegian and encountered many difficulties mainly those related to pronunciation and grammar. So I decided to acquire as much vocabulary as possible and try later on to synchronise that with grammatical rules. For this purpose I opted to use translation of so common, familiar and thematic phrases and sentences from Norwegian to English and vice versa and I hope this can helps to learn Norwegian language. This could be helpful to many who learn Norwegian because there are some who can master grammar but lacking vocabulary and expressions.
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Past Tense in Norwegian

Past Tense in Norwegian

English Norwegian
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I saw you Jeg så deg
I wrote with a pen Jeg skrev med en penn
You loved apples Du elsket epler
You played tennis Du spilte tennis
He read (past tense) a book Han las / leste en bok
He understood me Han forsto / forstod meg
She had a cat Hun hadde en katt
She knew my friend Hun kjente vennen min
We wanted to learn Vi ville lære
We thought Spanish is easy Vi trodde spansk var lett
You (plural) worked here Dere jobbet her
You (plural) spoke French Dere snakket fransk
They drove a car De kjørte en bil
They smiled De smilte

Norwegian audio conversation

Norwegian audio conversation

Useful sentences to learn norwegian language

Useful sentences to learn norwegian language :

I praksis er ikke alltid dette tilfellet
In practice this is not always the case

På grunn av krav til ...
Because of requirement for ...

Dette har skapt en høyere bevissthet
This has created a higher awareness

Dette innebærer at ...
This implies that ...

... som angår jobben
... that concerns the job

Det kan være i strid med folkeretten
It may be in conflict with international law

I strid med alle regler og all etikk
In violation of all rules and all ethics

Jeg er ikke tilfreds med denne situasjonen
I am not satisfied with this situation

Du vet ikke hva du går glipp av                                                                                                            
You do not know what you miss out  

Jeg kan ikke gjøre det du be meg om  
I can not do what you ask me to  

...skal følge retningslinjer for...
... shall follow guidelines for ...

...skal kontrollere jevnlig slik at...
... should check regularly so that ...

slik at avvik og klager unngås
so that deviations and complaints can be avoided

Farer forbundet med  ...
Dangers associated with ...

Han viet sitt liv til ...                   
He devoted his life to ...